Vamanetra DigiHealth

Vamanetra DigiHealth focuses on healthcare and personal well-being. Leveraging open data, we build and deliver public solutions suited for mobile and distributed platforms.

Vamanetra DigiHealth is a startup venture with a social focus. Our genesis is from a firm belief that technology is now ripe to become more personal and utilised in ways that strengthen the foundations of our nation - in healthcare, in personal safety and in upholding basic rights.

Though a barometer of human progress reflects in growth and prosperity, what it tends to gloss over is the collective psyche when it comes to issues such as personal health, individual safety, family well being. With far better collection, collation and cognition of the underlying parameters, interventions can be proactive and well directed. Open data, big data analytics and mobile technologies hold lots of promise in steering the path to that future.

It is out of such ideas that Vamanetra DigiHealth has emerged, in a quest to find a few answers that can make a difference! Our founders bring an esoteric mix of several years of practical, academic and research experience combined with an intense zeal to use data, technology and mathematics to make us healthier and safer.