Technology can play a critical role in supporting public health teams in improving efficiency, efficacy and cost. In particular, those technologies that can leverage multiple signals while being simultaneously interoperable and intelligent, can aid detection, intervention and proactive management.

A conceptual depiction of our framework, realised predominantly through open source technologies is as below:

Vama-Rx conceptual
Some of the capabilities we have built on our platform can be sampled from the below mentioned case studies:
  1. Cloud Based Notification

    On a seamless, integrated network, make sure your teams can instantly relay critical updates at no lag.
  2. Community based participation and awareness

    Leverage the power of the crowd by giving them the tools to inform you. Plus use intelligent technology to filter out noise so your teams are more efficient.
  3. Early detection of contagion spread

    There are important signals that need listening to, that can make the difference between being taken by surprise and being completely prepared.
  4. Cluster identification for focused intervention

    Spatio-temporal analytics can speeden up the identification of clusters leading to targeted measures.
  5. Remote sensing and GIS for effective control

    An important kind of signal that is easily available today - GIS and remote sensing - can aid in quickly stratifying and diagnosing risks.
  6. Multiple new datasets for improved assessment and management

    With the ubiquitous mobile technologies, multiple new datasets that can work interoperatably with current systems can yield relevant, insightful information.
  7. Interoperability and intelligence

    The need for interoperability and intelligence is vital, as weakness in these two crucial pillars can derail the best made plans.

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